A Custom Mouthguard Can Save Your Smile

For most patients, the appearance and health of their smile are extremely important. Unfortunately, we often see patients at our Richmond dental practice who have experienced a dental emergency that could have easily been prevented had they been properly protecting themselves. At Richmond Dental, we recommend all of our patients who participate in sports or athletic activities wear a custom mouthguard. Protection during sports can save your teeth from serious damage and reduce your risk of permanent dental damage. 

Richmond Sports Mouthguards

So what is the difference between our customized mouthguards and the over-the-counter variety? Not all mouthguards give equal protection; in fact, over-the-counter sports guards are often “one-size fits all,” making them uncomfortable and ill-fitting. Patients often neglect to wear them due to discomfort, or they don’t offer proper protection, resulting in the risk of a traumatic dental injury. At Richmond Dental, we fit your customized sports guard so that it is comfortable and provides adequate protection while participating in athletic activities. Other benefits of our personalized, custom mouthguards include:

  • No compromised breathing.
  • Better speech and clear communication.
  • Fit comfortably for extended wear.
  • Fits properly to stay in place during an  impact.
  • Custom sports guards do not cause gum irritation.

Down the road, the difference between a store-bought mouthguard and one of our custom-fit ones could be invasive dental treatments needed to restore your natural smile.

Want to make sure you or a loved one are as protected as possible while playing sports? Contact Richmond Dental today! We want to help protect your smile and would be happy to evaluate your teeth, gums and oral health and get you set up with a custom sports mouthguard for your next game!