Common Dental Myths—Debunked!

In today’s society, where everyone is on the internet and has their own “opinion,” misinformation spreads like wildfire. And, while some of these myths aren’t much of a big deal, other myths could potentially lead to dental problems and poor oral hygiene. Wondering if the information you heard may be a myth? Today Richmond Dental will cover some of the recent, common dental myths.

Sparkling Water Is Better for Teeth

Over the last decade or so, sugary beverages have come under attack for a variety of reasons, one of which is their effect on our oral health. However, in recent years, “sparkling water” has become a popular beverage choice and many patients believe it is better for your teeth. Unfortunately, this is completely FALSE. While they may be better in terms of sugar content, the acidity from the carbonation can still damage your teeth, erode enamel and lead to dental decay and cavities.

When enjoying your sparkling water, we recommend always using a straw to help avoid exposure to your pearly whites.

Flossing Is Unnecessary

Due to the lack of scientific research into “flossing” another common myth that has emerged in recent years is that flossing is not needed. In fact, flossing was even removed from Federal Dietary Guidelines in 2016! A lack of research, however, is not a reason to quit flossing. Ask any dentist about flossing, and they could tell you stories of patients who neglected to floss and ended up with cavities and decay between their teeth. Our toothbrushes can’t reach everything, and what we do miss, flossing can help remove.

Next time someone tells you that flossing is unnecessary, ask them how they plan on removing debris and plaque from in-between their teeth and let us know their answer!

Everyone Needs Their Wisdom Teeth Removed

Although we’re sure oral surgeons would be pleased with “everyone” needing their wisdom teeth removed, this luckily is not the case! As long as your wisdom teeth are erupting without complications, there is typically no need to have them extracted. However, any risk factors for impaction or infection is a great reason to have them removed. Wisdom teeth that do not properly erupt can cause teeth crowding, misalignment and spacing issues along with potentially causing infection.

Got additional questions regarding dental myths? Contact our Richmond dental office today to schedule an appointment. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!