Invisalign – Ten Things to Consider

The concept behind Invisalign in Richmond is pretty straightforward – wear them for the prescribed amount of time and you’ll have straight teeth and a smile that dazzles.

And while that’s very true, there are a few things that you may want to consider in addition to the wonderful end result.

  • Good oral hygiene is paramount. When you’re using Invisalign, it’s recommended that you brush your teeth after breakfast, lunch and dinner before putting the aligner back on. Previous to Invisalign, many patients only brushed in the morning and night.
  • If you’re fixing an overbite, treatment time can be cut in half with Invisalign in Burlington, VT. This rapid process does mean there could be discomfort due to the speed of movement in your teeth, but it’s amazing that imperfections can be corrected in a shorter timeframe.
  • Although you’re suppose to wear your device for a minimum of 22 hours, you do have the flexibility to determine which hours those will be. Important date? You can plan your wearing time around it!
  • Having the device in your mouth when there are snacks or other temptations around can significantly reduce your urge to nibble on extra or unnecessary calories in between meals. Consider it a way to maintain a healthy weight!
  • It’s easy to track your progress through the personalized 3-D plan you’re provided. The plan will show you the movement you can expect to see over time.
  • There is a certain level of discomfort and you may even experience a sensation of loosening teeth. This is normal, but can be frightening if you’re not expecting it.
  • Since it can sometimes be difficult to remove your aligners, a lot of women with fake nails have found that it’s easier to just go the natural route during treatment.
  • Even though most people will not notice that you’re wearing an aligner, you may notice a difference in your speech when you listen to yourself speak. If this is something you find bothersome, you can plan your wearing time around social events.
  • If you have to wear attachments, you may find these a little awkward to get used to initially. However, most wearers find that any discomfort disappears in a day or two.
  • Depending on your eating habits, you may notice some staining on the aligner as it gets closer to the time for a new one. Try to steer clear of foods and drinks that cause staining such as coffee, tea, sugary drinks, or alcohol.

If you want to get that picture-perfect smile that you’ve always been dreaming of with Invisalign near 05477, why not make your appointment today with Richmond Dental. We can help you get started and answer every question you may have.