Shaping your smile: the pros and cons of tooth contouring

Tooth contouring is a type of cosmetic dentistry procedure meant for reshaping a damaged or misshaped tooth for improving the appearance of your smile. Though the technique is very common and performed by several dentists, the pertinent question is whether the treatment is right for you? Let’s have a look at some information which can help in deciding.

The procedure

For reshaping the teeth, small amount of enamel from one or more teeth is removed. Enamel is the hard covering on the tooth which protects the inside of teeth from decay and damage. The dentist in Richmond 05477 makes use of a small polishing tool for removing the enamel along with changing the length and shape of the tooth. Only a part of the enamel is removed which means the tooth remains covered and the process should not cause any pain.

The pros

The procedure is very simple and can be performed in a single session. The results can make a huge difference in the appearance of your teeth. It gives a boost in attractiveness and confidence. The procedure is painless as a layer of enamel is also retained. Though some patients do mention about sensitivity for a few days, but there is no healing process as such and the tooth can be considered normal immediately. Also, when your teeth are smoothened, they are easier to clean and correct issues with bite and function of the teeth.

The cons

The procedure is not suitable for everyone as it only works for fixing minor imperfections with your teeth like small chipping, slight overlapping, or small unevenness. Also, it will never fix your dental health issue and it can only be used on a healthy teeth. Another risk associated with the process is risk of removal of too much enamel which can weaken the tooth.

Also, the cost of the procedure is not likely to be covered by insurance unless it is result of an accident. However, the benefits are more important than the cost and it is you who has to take the decision.