The Pros and Cons of Dental Bonding

Do you have a chipped or cracked tooth you often feel embarrassed over? You must be looking for the perfect solution to your problem. Your dentist at Richmond Dental may recommend a dental bonding treatment. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of dental bonding treatment.

Pros of Dental Bonding

  • They can be placed the same day. Replacing a cracked tooth immediately is vital for avoiding infections. That is why we place the dental bonding in one day. We don’t want you to be in more pain. By the end of your appointment, you will be ready to use your teeth!
  • It looks natural. We will match the natural color of your teeth to the bond, so no one will ever notice you had treatment. We won’t have to cover your entire tooth with the bond this way.
  • The bonding material is non-invasive. Other treatments require your dentist to remove part of your teeth’s enamel. Your enamel cannot grow back once taken off. Dental bonding only requires light roughing of your teeth, which saves more of your natural teeth.
  • It is easy to care for a tooth that has bonding material on it. A bonded tooth should be treated as a normal tooth. You should brush and floss like normal.

What are the cons of dental bonding?

Unfortunately, dental bonding does not last as long as crowns on your teeth. Bonding may break easier since it does not cover the entire tooth. You may need to redo your dental bonding treatment if you notice too much wear on your tooth.

Contact your dentist to see what they recommend for your situation. If they suggest dental bonding, Richmond Dental offers only high-quality services. Call our office to schedule your appointment today!