What Is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Estimates state that around 9% to 20% of US citizens suffer from dental anxieties. For some, it can mean going to the dentist is a scary ordeal, for others, it means not going to the dentist and missing out on needed dental help.

Your dentist will always do whatever is possible to help patients with anxieties. A common method is called oral conscious sedation. You won’t be asleep during the visit, but a deep feeling of relaxation and calm will wash over the body. After the appointment, oral conscious sedation wears off quickly, so it is safe to drive home or continue with the rest of your day’s agenda.

Oral conscious sedation also comes in very handy when more complex treatments that need more time to complete are being performed, such as dental implants.
Many are familiar with the most commonly used oral conscious sedation: nitrous oxide. Also called laughing gas, Nitrous is administered through a mask, and the effects take just a few minutes to start. Many ask can nitrous oxide cause any side effects? It is very rare to have a bad reaction to nitrous, but our skilled team is trained in the proper administering of nitrous.

Other options include using valium or halcyon, which is very helpful for calming anxiety before even getting to the dentist because for some people, the idea of getting to the dentist is scarier than the actual appointment.

Oral sedation via valium or something similar will require assistance to help you get to and from your appointment. Can valium or halcyon cause any side effects? Benzodiazepines are considered very safe, but it is important to disclose medical issues to ensure there are no issues.

At Richmond dental, we take every precaution to keep you safe, and our patients experience gentle dental care in a supportive environment.