Your Bite Splint Is Working, but Should You Consider Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If you are like thousands of people like you who have suffered from TMJ symptoms for years as they have been neglected by many doctors who fail to acknowledge their severe condition, you are likely very excited when you receive your bite splint that gives you the relief you have needed all along. It is great that you are no longer in pain, or your pain has dramatically been reduced, but what about the damage to your teeth from years of TMJ grinding? Would you like to get that beautiful smile back to where you want it?

Understanding Full Mouth Reconstruction

A bite splint is a very effective way to treat TMJ. It is non-invasive and completely reversible. It can provide fast relief that is uncomfortable two other treatment approaches which can take much longer. However, wouldn’t it be nice if your teeth could hold your jaw in the right position even when you are not using the bite splint? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a normal mouth that doesn’t cause you pain and does not require you to wear a bite splint in the first place?

That is the goal of complete mouth reconstruction. It can reshape and build up your teeth with natural looking dental crowns, dental bridges, and anything else deemed necessary by your dentist. You can get the pain free results that you have with your bite splint, without the bite splint! Not only will your smile be more beautiful, but it will be even more natural in the sense that you do not need an appliance in your mouth to keep the pain away.

You Are Unhappy with the Bite Splint

Some people they may never adapt to the bite splint completely. They can be constantly aware of having this foreign object in their mouth. Some people are more prone to gagging than others, and the bite splint May trigger that. Some people think that removing it and inserting it on a daily basis is a nuisance, or they develop a harsh lisp and begin to dislike their voice.

If you are one of the people who dislikes your bite splint and would like to rid yourself of the hassle, a full mouth reconstruction offers all the benefits that you desire.

Your Teeth Need Repair

Full mouth restoration is something that should not be taken lightly. If this procedure is even something that you’re contemplating, we highly recommend that you consult a dental professional to aid you in making the right decision. If you live in the Richmond, VT, area or it’s surrounding communities, we here at Richmond Dental can be the resource that you need! If you would like to set up a consultation appointment, don’t hesitate to do so by giving us a call or sending us an email, today!