Home Care Instructions

At Richmond Dental, we believe that every dental treatment requires the correct after care practices, which include healthy oral practices at home after leaving our office. Below are home care instructions for some of the various types of dental treatments we offer.


Cosmetic Treatments

It is normal to experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures after receiving a cosmetic treatment. Some discomfort is also normal, as it will take some time for your teeth and gums to heal or adjust to changes in tooth structure as a result of a cosmetic treatment (such is the case for treatments like porcelain veneers or dental bonding).


Crown & Bridge Restorations

Crown and bridge restorations usually require two dental appointments to complete. As part of the procedure, we will provide you with temporary crowns and bridges to allow time for the customized, permanent crowns and bridges to be created.

Occasionally, a temporary crown or bridge may loosen. If this happens, please call our office and bring your temporary dental work in so we can reset it.


Dental Fillings, Inlays, & Onlays

It is normal to feel some discomfort or sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures after receiving a filling, inlay, or onlay, but it is only temporary. If the discomfort continues after a few days, please call our office.

Apart from the above instructions, it is important that you maintain healthy oral hygiene habits to ensure your dental restoration or treatment remains intact for years to come. Some of these practices include brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day, maintaining a balanced diet, avoiding sugars, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding tobacco products. For more questions about at-home care, feel free to give our office a call today!